Becoming a sponsor

Your company can contribute to OpenStage and open source with advantages to work fluently and efficiently. Our project is focused on all kind of users, experts, beginners and companies also. Our system is robust, fast, stable, secure and suited to all needs.

Linux developers have made a great effort to give graphic assistance to help on desktop configuration and better use of the computer capabilities. Desktop environments are more advanced and provide to users a better experience than payment operative systems. Feel free to contact and cooperate with us.

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Sponsor with products or services

Sponsorship can be possible through donations, products or services from companies. Linux has experimented a big increase among users and companies around the world in last years, thanks to support of many software and tech enterprises of all countries.

OpenStage is absolutely committed to Linux and Open Source, and let us growing between all kind of people, offering them a better operative system based on free open source. Your contribution will become part of us and in supporting Linux global expansion.