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Kde Plasma desktop put in your hands the enviroment and tools needed on a modern pc. Feel the experience of browsing and work with it, all is thinked to be intuitive and with an easy access. The clean and modern design of Kde gives all advantages from the actual computing technology. The experience turns smooth and pleasant, with an extended variety of visual effects that users can customize easily.

Plasma desktop comes with a pre-configured selection of useful widgets for adjust the workspeace to your needs, just drag and drop them on your desktop. Also you can add hundreds of widgets directly through your system panel. If you like our work you can vote the project on Distrowatch in the following button, just hit recommend OpenStage in "Projects waiting evaluation" section.

i3wm new iso is ready to download

The OpenStage team feels proud tp shout out an i3 window manager iso later of several time working it. This iso uses Connman to manage networks, so you will need to type "connman" on rofi to open connamn settings and connect to your network. Calamares installer starts when you boot on the live system, so you dont need to do special steps for install it. The keybindings are the default for i3wm except for 3 or 4 keys, the default terminal is kitty and "$mod" is Mod4 (windows key). For reboot or power-off you will need to open a terminal and execute (loginctl reboot/poweroff) or enable the power module on Bumblebee-status.

Here are the keybindings that we change/include:

($mod+d) launch rofi instead of dmenu.
($mod+m) launch ranger (termianl file manager).
($mod+Ctrl+l) locks i3wm (type password to unlock it)
($mod+Print) take a screenshot in your home directory

Also we include some usefull software to make your experience a bit more easy:

Ranger (with icons) | Arandr | Cmus (terminal music player) | Cava (termianl equalizer) | Pcmanfm | Dunst (notifications) | Picom-jonaburg-fix | Vim | Lxappearance | Feh/Nitrogen | Xed (text editor) | Trizen (aur manager) | Xarchiver

Requirements & Project status

Currently we are at "FINAL RELEASE" status for our Systemd and OpenRC iso's. This mean that we are in a stable branch, so we update our repos and in our system iso's continuously. This means that problably you will find changes and differences between different FINAL-RELEASE iso's.

As soon as the development team finish with the job in the "Systemd" branch, we will start to job in the "RELEASE" job for OpenRC branch. We would like to listen your opinion about our work, in the contact section you have an E-Mail form to contact us and give your feedback to our team.

Minimum requirements

Hard Disk: 10gb of free space ( swap partition is recomended )
Ram memory: 2gb
Internet connection: recomended

Get your iso

Direct download (64bits)

OpenRC iso's

i3wm OpenRC iso
Kde OpenRC iso
Cinnamon OpenRC iso
Xfce OpenRC iso
Mate Systemd iso

Live ISO Information

Live user: "openstage"
Live user password: "openstage"


Torrent download (64bits)

OpenRC torrents

i3wm OpenRC torrent
Kde OpenRC torrent
Cinnamon OpenRC torrent
Xfce OpenRC torrent
Mate Systemd torrent

Live ISO Information

Live user: "openstage"
Live user password: "openstage"