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Kde Plasma desktop put in your hands the enviroment and tools needed on a modern pc. Feel the experience of browsing and work with it, all is thinked to be intuitive and with an easy access. The clean and modern design of Kde gives all advantages from the actual computing technology. The experience turns smooth and pleasant, with an extended variety of visual effects that users can customize easily.

Plasma desktop comes with a pre-configured selection of useful widgets for adjust the workspeace to your needs, just drag and drop them on your desktop. Also you can add hundreds of widgets directly through your system panel.

Requirements & Project status

Currently we are at "FINAL RELEASE" status for our Systemd and OpenRC iso's. This mean that we are in a stable branch, so we update our repos and in our system iso's continuously. This means that problably you will find changes and differences between different FINAL-RELEASE iso's.

As soon as the development team finish with the job in the "Systemd" branch, we will start to job in the "RELEASE" job for OpenRC branch. We would like to listen your opinion about our work, in the contact section you have an E-Mail form to contact us and give your feedback to our team. Also you can support our project in the following link to Distrowatch for voting our distro "doing click at OpenStage" in "Projects Waiting Evaluation".

Minimum requirements

Hard Disk: 10gb of free space ( swap partition is recomended )
Ram memory: 2gb
Internet connection: recomended

Get your iso

Recent activities

03-06-2020 -- "Cinnamon OpenRC" iso is available to download
14-05-2020 -- Updates require manual intervention
run the following command to update your system:

$> sudo pacman -Syu --overwrite /usr/lib\*/
8-05-2020 -- Release 2020-05 "Xfce OpenRC" iso available to download
24-04-2020 -- Release 2020-04 "Plasma OpenRC" iso available to download
08-03-2020 -- " OpenRC " Reboot error after update fixed
08-03-2020 -- " OpenRC " Firewalld replaced by Gufw