Welcome to your SystemD free OS

OpenStage is an stable GNU/Linux operative system based on Artix and Arch Linux repositories with a Rolling Release model. Explore and discover it, OpenStage works on intuitive interfaces and is made to be easy for all kind of users. We are free open source project and an alternative to other OS, with the most advanced desktop environment for user experience. We use OpenRC as our default init system due to improve performance and keep alive the open source philosophy. Feel free to discover all options that Linux desktops offers to you, with speed and stability for your computer operations.

All of our iso's have AUR support, trizen command line utility is installed by default in all desktops. You can change this tool for another one when you want, later to install the system.

OpenStage Linux use a custom kernel built with (AOCC) AMD compiler, based on clang/llvm, so if you want to use nvidia drivers you must install "clang llvm lld" packages before to use start using privative drivers.

If you like OpenStage maybe you want to feedback us and vote our project on Distrowatch in the following button, just hit recommend OpenStage in "Projects waiting evaluation" section.

i3wm new iso is ready to download now

OpenStage team is proud to shout out our new iso with i3 window manager. We had sometime working on it and finally is ready !!

Take a look at what we include


Be safe of virus and spyware, Linux have the robust unix security inside, so you can be paceful and enjoy.


Explore internet without risks, you can control ports and processes trough your firewall manager


We configure and compile with AOCC our own kernel to get a better performance and support with other devices


For the most exigent users, we have included a selection of packages focused on Linux development


Connecting your devices to the computer will no longer be a problem, we have implement the system for it


We add custom look for our desktop, but you can change it always that you want and get an own system style